I Woke Up Like This

A Fine Art Non-Sexual Nude Photography Project

Not everyone is brave or comfortable enough baring it all. It takes everything you've got to get in front of a camera nude, without makeup or hair done. Without lingerie to cover your unflattering bits. But there are still so many stories out there that need to be told. 

For this reason, I'm accepting stories to highlight on the blog. If you have ever felt marginalized, mistreated, or discriminated against...now is your time to speak up and be heard. Because odds are, there are other women with your story out there who feel alone. Who internalize the pain that these experiences can cause them. Women who don't have a voice. 

These posts are ANONYMOUS and names will be changed to protect the identities of those submitting them. 

Start where you stand, share your stories, help women come together around these experiences and leave with a sense of relation and empowerment; knowing they aren't alone. 

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