I Woke Up Like This

For Anyone Who Doesn't Love Who They Are

Introductions: The Signs You've Waited For


taken by: Matt Allen

This is the sign you have been waiting for. In the midst of a mental health breakdown, you rarely see the light. You pray for it, you cry out to the heavens in pain for relief, but it seldom comes quickly. It is a slow, paced upheaval of all your pain to the surface of who you are transforming into. 

Healing isn't easy. For a reason. We only break when we don't have the tools to build in the first place. So it is no wonder people lose themselves in the process. 

I've found myself there too. Broken, shattered into a billion slivers of glass. Bleeding profusely all over anyone who dared to help. Throwing them in my path, using them as a bridge to walk over towards the other side of healing. The part we only dream of reaching alone. 

I wish I could say there was a secret for healing from traumatic experiences. I wish there was a wand we could wave over you until the parts of your soul reconnect. But it doesn't work that way. Life doesn't work that way, no matter how hard we try. No matter how many mental health books you binge read, frantically searching for a magic answer or behavior to counter your lack of sanity in the moment. 

What nobody wants to tell you, what they usually don't even have the communication tools to tell you, is that you need help. You need professional help. And that is more than okay. You aren't less of a person who needing help with your mental health. That is why we have psychologists, therapists, social workers, and support groups. They're not there as a decoration in life; they're invaluable tools for learning how to heal. 

This blog is dedicated to anyone searching for their answers. It is for anyone who feels desperately lost in the lengthy process of getting help. I'm here to tell you the hard truths about healing. I won't sugar coat things, I won't tread lightly, I will only speak truths in the hardest forms of communication. 

And I hope while you read my blog, you understand that not one person in this world has their shit entirely together. It's okay to be broken, in fact, it is relatively normal. More so than being happy, in these current times. The world is a scary, multifaceted place. It is bigger than you or I. And there is always enough room for you in it. You just need help clarifying where you belong. You need help finding the valuable life lessons hidden beneath your pain and mistakes.

So, I hope this blog has been the sign you prayed for. Begged for. 
I hope you can learn from my mistakes. And I hope you know you are never alone.

Be Kind to Yourself,