I Woke Up Like This

For Anyone Who Doesn't Love Who They Are


Photograph By: Steven Kowalski

Photograph By: Steven Kowalski

My name is Ez (like pez without the P)


I’m quiet at times, at others I won’t shut up. It all depends on what we’re talking about. I have passion for many things but photography is my number one. I’ve been shooting for nearly twenty years now and I’ve refined my craft so people like you can hire me to help you remember some important milestones. I love all things intersectional feminism related. Art, politics, and social sciences are my favorite topics of discussion. I really enjoy traveling when I can get out of the office. I have a fat grey kitty named Clark and a gaggle of plants around my apartment to take care of each day.


Q: How can I book with you?!

Click on the Book Your Session tab at the top menu.

Q: Will these photographs be public?

I Woke Up Like This Sessions are generally public but I have made exceptions for people looking to grow in private. Boudoir sessions are all used in my promotional materials so they will be visible. If you don’t wish for them to be public, you can opt out of sharing via your contract with me.

Q: I’m thinking about doing nude portraits with you, what can I expect?

Congratulations on even THINKING about modeling nude! It’s a big step towards accepting your body for exactly how it is. You can expect a very laid back, funny, and comforting session with me. I’ll crack some jokes and you’ll pretend I’m funny. It’ll be fun. Let’s create art!

Q: What is an “I Woke Up Like This” Session?

In 2013, I started a project aimed at desexualizing the nude body and raise awareness of fatphobia. These sessions are done in the morning, when you aren’t done up for society, and they last about an hour long. Prior to the session we talk about some basic things like self esteem levels, your inspiration for doing your session, and what you define beauty as. Afterwords, we discuss things in depth and go into life stories to articulate the themes of each session. The finished product is a blogpost highlighting your body in a non-sexual fine art nude way with an in depth interview about how you view yourself now and after the session. Visit the blog to see examples.